Pixi Rose Ceramide Cream REVIEW

Hello beauties,

You don’t have any idea how  excited I am to talk about this cream! After trying some pixi creams I think I found my favorite: the Rose Ceramide cream.

‘Infused with oil, this moisturizer drenches your skin in deep hydration. Antioxidant-rich plant extracts and ceramides help to improve skins elasticity and lock intense moisture while helping to protect against environmental aggressors. It quenches thirsty skin leaving it healthier, more supple and smoother’.


Skin-loving ingredients:

  • ROSE FLOWER OIL – Nourishes & restores
  • CERAMIDE NP – Provides time-release moisture
  • PROBIOTICS – Protects & balances


This intensive moisturizer had everything to not be a good combination with my combo/oily skin, but I’ve been using it and I like it!

What is my secret? I use it like a hydrating mask at night, two or three times a week. I couldn’t be happier with the result!

Will I continue to enjoy this product in the summer? I think so, but with the warm weather coming, I might start using it just once a week like a night mask.

What I like most about this cream is the fact that I wake up with supple skin, luminous without being oily (girls with oily skin undertand this) and hydrated.

The gel texture is another advantage, it is easily absorbed without leaving a layer. Another thing is the scent, I hope to be able to explain to you what I feel when I apply this cream, at first I feel a sweet scent, like red fruits bubblegum (grapes, blackberries), then I start to feel a cintrin scent (oranges, maybe?), finally I feel the characteristic smell of rose water. It’s an experience when we talk about the scents of this product.

The package is lovely as all pixi products and the price is $24.00 (32.50€ in Portugal), and it brings 50mL. A little expensive for a drugstore brand but you pay for the ingredients.

If you have normal/dry skin, you probably will take advantage using this cream every day. But if your skin is like mine I don’t advice you to use every day, it can be a little too much.

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