ABH Sultry vs Douglas Caramel Nudes

Hello beauties,

Do you remember in the post I wrote about the Douglas Caramel Nudes Palette saying that there were similarities with an ABH palette? At first glance, it is the exterior aspect of the packaging, but I think the similarities do not end there.

In this post, I’m going to show you what I detected and I hope to read in the comments if you think the same or if you have a different opinion.

In terms of release, both came out at Christmas time, while ABH Sultry came two years ago, the Douglas Caramel came last year.

But let’s start with the packaging. Both have a gold-tone on the package, being Sultry a darker gold with glitter and Douglas Caramel more a shine yellow gold. The pans are not exactly similar because Sultry’s pan is a little more resistant and the material seems with a little more quality.

L: Douglas Caramel Nudes – R: ABH Sultry

Both have 14 beautiful shades, that you can see in the pictures while a lot of similarities. In my opinion, both pallets are in the family of warm tones with only one shadow that is completely different, Bitter (Douglas) and Bloom (ABH).

ABH Sultry

Now in terms of use, I think you can see that Sultry has much more fall out on the pan maybe because it’s a little more powdery than the Douglas Palette. That also happens when I apply both on the eyes, Sultry has more fall out.

In terms of application, Sultry is much more pigmented, to see the same effect/pigment ABH needs one application while the Douglas needs two layers. Both are long-wearing, maybe Sultry handles a little more.

Now the price, maybe here there is a huge difference and maybe it’s here what will make most people choose the Douglas palette because of Sultry costs $45 instead of €19,99 which is the price of the Douglas.

Douglas Caramel Nudes

My opinion

I love both palettes, and I use both on a daily basis. I think I would advise if you are a beginner to buy the Douglas Caramel nudes palette. I say this because it’s not as pigmented as the Sultry, so it’s easy to build and more difficult to look bad. Both are easy to blend. Sultry for me has a huge advantage, and that’s the shadow “Noir”, that for me is the best black shadow that I ever tried, and that is why if I had to chose one probably would be the Sultry!

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