1 PIECE, 4 WAYS – 4 ways to use lilac pants

Hello beauties,

Did you like our post about what to wear with a mini skirt? (if you haven’t seen it, click here).

Well, today we have a new post but this time we are going to talk about lilac pants. This color is mandatory this Spring! Pastel lilac is much easier to combine than you think, basically, it goes well with everything!

Depending on the style you want – you can choose more formal pants (with tweezers, with a matching blazer), leggings or pants just like these photos, higher-waisted and perfect for accentuating the waist.

This time the store that we chose is Bershka. This store has really cute clothes, the sizes are a little bit small but the style is there, the prices are quite nice too.

#1 WAY

With a black blouse. Here I chose a short blouse with side openings. I really liked to see it but if you prefer you can combine it with a black shirt or a white shirt with good polka dots, both will be used a lot this spring.

Bershka Lilac Pants (size 34) ref.0075/168/612 22,99€ | Black Shirt (size S) ref. 1951/326/800 15,99€
Bershka Black Body ref.3232/187/800 12,99€ | Black Blazer ref.0975/085/800 29,99€ | Polka dot shirt ref.0975/085/250 29,99€ | Reflecting Sandals ref.1700/560/004 22,99€ | Bag ref.3400/265/800 12,99€



#2 WAY

Matchy-matchy! With a t-shirt of the same tone or darker / light. I chose this one because is super relaxed and who doesn’t like Def Leppard’s ‘Pour some sugar on me’?

Bershka Lilac Pants (size 34) ref.0075/168/612 22,99€ | Purple T-shirt (size S) ref.2231/463/612 15,99€
Bag ref.3381/266/612 12,99€ | Purple top ref.3086/376/630 15,99€ | Flower lilac shirt ref.1791/623/612 17,99€ |Puffy shirt ref.1663/596/629 17,99€ | Blazer with pattern ref.0976/085/612 29,99€ | Blazer with belt ref.0974/200/602 35,99€


#4 WAY

Rocky! A t-shirt with different colors will add some contrast to the look! It’s also a great look to go to a summer concert. It’s rocky without losing the girly spirit.

Iridescent bag ref.3416/626/800 15,99€ | Sneakers ref.1433/560/001 25,99€ | Bots ref.1050/560/040 49,99€ | White T-shirt ref.2216/033/251 7,99€ | Sailor Moon T-shirt ref.1961/167/800 17,99€ | Black bag ref.3391/266/800 12,99€

#3 WAY

Animal print will never go out of style and the best thing is that it can look good with almost everything. It is great to give a more edgy look to any look. Here I opted for a girly top that surprised me for how good the material was, I’m really tempted to go back to the store and but this top (along with the purple t-shirt).

Bershka Lilac Pants (size 34) ref.0075/168/612 22,99€ | Animal Shirt (size S) ref. 0726/695/712 12,99€
Floral Shirt ref.0714/962/164 19,99€ | Polka Dots shirt ref.5934/494/318 17,99€ | Animal print bag ref,3400/266/250 12,99€ | Vinyl sandal ref.1712/560/087 27,99€ | White bots ref.1109/560/001 25,99€


Let us know in the comments how would you use this piece! We would love to know.


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