Things to do at home: Fantasy Romance books to read

Hello beauties,

Put your hand in the air if you don’t have shame and say that you like a good and sexy fantasy romance book? Well, we sure like. And what better way to kill some time then to put your mind (while working your imagination) in one of these type of books.

Some publishers distinguish between “romantic fantasy” where the romance is most important and “fantasy romance” where the fantasy elements are most important. What is your favorite?

We decided to create a list with some of our favorites, maybe you know them, maybe you don’t (in this case, we advise you to read them). We could write another post like this because between us two, we have a lot more books to talk about 😉

Don’t forget to let us know what is your favorite fantasy book in the comments, we would love to know.

L-R: Kristen Ashley Midnight Soul (Book 5 of the Fantasyland Book Series), Ruby Dixon Bound to the Battle God, Sarah J. Maas – ACOTAR (book 1 of the ACOTAR Book Series)

Kristen Ashley –  Fantasyland book series

Each book has a modern story but with a time travel/parallel world twist. The girls always wake up in another world where the guy is a prince, dragon, or a barbarian (book #2) like Khal Drogo from GoT (exactly the KA reference)! There are so many things in these books that I never thought I would like, yet I read the entire series and it has become one of my favorite. Why? The rich details that make you feel like you are right there, and the way I always root for every Kristen Ashley hero. I can’t choose my favorite couple because it’s all of them.

Ruby Dixon – Bound to the battle God

I started this book with low expectations…yeah I know a book can’t be judged by the cover! Then I was swiped off my feet in the first chapter. It’s modern, it has a parallel world and the heroin makes references that I loved (at one point she said something about time travel and how lucky Claire was to see guys without pants in Outlander while she turned to be a slave). Love it! She’s sassy, clever and never a damsel in distress! The hero started to be a jerk, well in his defense, he’s a god, but then he melted my heart. I learned to never again judge a book by the cover.

Sarah J. Maas – Court of Thorns and Roses (#1 A count of thorns and roses)

If you like the genre fantasy, then you probably know or heard about this trilogy. I was a little mad at first because (SPOILER ALERT), she falls in love with a guy that looks and behaves like a fae prince and then in the second he turns out to be one of the bad guys (I think he became a little crazy, he loved her too much) and the one from the first book that we thought it was bad is, after all the good one. Then when I started to fall in love with the bad guy that after all is good – Rysand – the second book ends in a way that made me scream! Whyyy? I have to be honest and say that I still didn’t read the third book, I read some things about it but I lost the courage to start it (I have it on my phone). But I will, I will…


L-R: Jeaniene Frost Once Burned Once Burned (Book 1 of the Night Prince Book Series), Deborah Harkness A discovery of Witches (book 1 of the All Souls Trilogy), Kresley Cole Lothaire (book 11 of the Immortals after dark series)

Jeaniene Frost – Night Prince Series

I like all Jeaniene’s books. I started the Night Huntress series and I felt in love with Cat & Bones (hot couple), but then I read Vlad’s presentation and it captivated me, so I was very happy when she released Vlad’s story. He’s almost the perfect hero – strong, beautiful and he knows it- if we ignore his commitment problems. And Leila is such a strong character. Yes, he’s Vlad the Dracula (known as the impaler), but he doesn’t like to be called that way! “What made you choose the name, Vlad?” I asked, unable to resist adding, “It’s not the most original vampire name you could have picked, after all.” Instead of being offended, that little smirk was back. “I’m the only authentic Vlad. Everyone else is merely an envious imitation.” This trilogy is one of my favorites and just by writing this, I’m thinking about reading it all over again.

Deborah Harkness – All Souls Trilogy

This trilogy stoled my heart since the first book. The books are big enough to entertain you for a while. The good news is that it became a tv series that’s exactly like the books. Exactly! The second season, that follows the second book, was already filmed and I’m waiting for it to be released. I dare you to read these books and not fall in love with Matthew De Clermont (and in my humble opinion, they picked the perfect actor for the tv show). The story follows Diana, a witch that opens a book that everyone was looking for, then she meets a vampire, Matthew, and falls in love with him.

Kresley Cole – Lothaire (#11 Immortals after dark)

Don’t be mad at me, but this is the only book from this series that I love. Lothaire is a bad guy, a really bad guy. He has been collecting favors in the other books and writing the names of people that are in debt with him in a book. He suffer when kid and saw his mother die in front of him. Because of his look and lineage, he believes that he’s the best specimen that exists! When he starts looking for his bride, the one and only love for him, he meets the girl but she’s possessed by a goddess (a bad one) and he’s so happy that she’s a goddess and not a human. The twist is that after all, his bride is the human girl. The poor girl suffers so much, she has to see/feel her body being possessed by a ruthless goddess and Lothaire is very bad to her. In the end, she gives him a lesson. Beware because this is a really hot book!


L-R: Gena Showalter Seduce the Drakness (book 4 in the Alien Huntress Series), J.R Ward Prisioner of the Night (book 16.5 in the Black dagger brotherhood series), Nalini Singh Angel’s Flight 

Gena Showalter – Seduce the Darkness (#4 Alien Huntress)

Like Jeaniene, Gena Showalter is considered the queen of fantasy books. She’s very known for the Lords of Underworld and Angels in the Dark series. I like the Angels in the Dark series, the three books are very good (and hottt). But the Alien Huntress series stole my heart, to me, they have more story and the details are all there. I started this series with book number four and I like it so much that I had to read the entire series. The hero is so charismatic and sexy, a little vain but he’s like a prince so it comes with the tiltle. If you read our last post about romantic books (here), you’ll see that Gena Showalter Original Heartbroken series is also on my favorite books.

J.R. Ward  – Black Dagger Brotherhood series

Maybe this is the most well-known series of J. R. Ward and maybe the longest paranormal/fantasy series that is still on the go. We came across this series when the vampires were in-vogue, it was the time of the series Vampire Diaries, Twilight, and many more. I love the sexy way J. R. Wards portraites the vampires and how they seem so powerful but at the same time so twisted inside. In March of 2020, she released the eighteen book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series (oh yes they are a lot of brothers).

Nalini Singh – Guild Hunter series

This series is also another one that stollen my heart. This love started in 2009 and it’s also another one that is still ongoing.  It looks like I’m picking up big series that don’t have an end but it’s not my problem, I think. Look to the bright side, when I like one book I don’t want it to be over so yeah, looks like I like this type of series. Nalini Singh is one of the best authors that exist, at least in being present and talking with the readers. In the Goodreads site, she is always putting stories and talking with who is there asking questions. The Guild Hunter series catches my attention with the story of the dangerously beautiful Archangel Raphael. I wish I could find one Raphael for me.


L-R: Anne Bishop Murder of Crows (book 2 in the Others Series), Anne Bishop Queen of the Darkness (book 3 of the Black Jewels series), Laura galley García Memórias de Idhún

Anne Bishop – The others series

I know Rita doesn’t agree with me, but for me, for my twisted taste for books, Anne Bishop is the best author of dark fantasy books. Yes, Dark Fantasy. Anne Bishop has more series but I picked the two that I think are the best. The Others series is the newest series from Anne’s collection and maybe the least dark from all her collection. But don’t fool yourself thinking that it it doesn’t have a dark twist. Oh yes, it has. It tells the story about The Others like vampires and shape-shifters that habit in a world ruled by humans. It has, of course, an almost impossible romance, that will bring you in a mix of emotions about what is right and wrong and if you should take the dangerous or be in a safe place.

Anne Bishop – Black Jewels Trilogy

The Black Jewels trilogy is the trilogy for lovers of dark romance. I read this series maybe in 2010 and it still has a place in my heart and sometimes I still go to the pages of these books. It’s the only trilogy that I have the books in their own box (can you see what I’m talking about?). I love the dark and complicated and intricate stories of these characters. Who rules is who born with dark power, and the most powerful creature is a woman who will change the universe of these characters forever. I could be here talking, talking about this trilogy but I just want to say one more thing, go read these books, and then tell me If I’m right or wrong.

Laura Gallego García – Memórias de Idhún

Maybe this is the series that I was not expecting to love as I do. It’s another series that I still remember and sometimes I want to read again. And when that happens, you know the book is good. I came across these books because in the past I receive every single month a magazine with a lot of book to buy, and well I bought this one. This story is about the love of a girl between two guys that belong to opposite tribes, like fire and ice that are enemies for eternity.


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