Things to do at home: watch a show you’ve never watched

Hello beauties,

Raise your hand if you are still stuck at home, whether working or taking classes. Well, by now, television can be a great friend and comfort (although food is tied with television, right?). So this is the right time to see a show that you never watched, what you think? Maybe you will find a new show to follow and love, we never know. 

On today’s post we are going to give you a list of great shows/series that you may know or never heard before. Let us know in the comments if we forget any, and what is your favorite.


1. THE O.C.

Who doesn’t remember the misbehaving high schoolers of Orange Country of 2003? And the love story between Ryan and Marissa? sigh. I think this was the show that opened the way for many other series.


Secrets, gossip and Katie Holmes – these are the three things you need to know about this show! Oh and a lot of denim…and friends that fall in love!


The show that everyone talked about in the 90’s! Buffy, a teenager vampire slater falls in love with a vampire named Angel (yeah the name is not the most suitable so as other things in this show).


A teenager-detective that resolves mysteries with her father. The show was so good that they decided to make a movie six years after the show ended, and then another season (although the series final is not the best and begs for continuation).


One of my favorite series, this drama follows a group of teens in their Hometown of Roswell. The show was really good, it balanced drama, humor and mystery. Recently, it’s been given a reboot “Roswell, New Mexico”, based on the same book as the original.





This series follows the life of lifesavers, all in good shape. The name Mitch and the soundtrack are forever in our minds. For the guys, the little swimsuits and Pamela Anderson running in the water are probably the things that will forever be stuck in their heads. But seriously, the show has a story and it’s entertaining.


Follow the life of a mother and a daughter in a quiet village. It talks about teen problems but also grow-up problems. It’s calm and great to see. The show was so popular that after so many years, Netflix launched a new season!


Charmed was a show that had so much success in the ’90s! It follows the story of three sisters (later they meet a fourth sister) that discovers that they are witches. It has a lot of stories – angels, time traveler, demons- and it’s very addictive! My forever OTP is Phoebe and Cole. Sigh.


Chuck is a nice and normal tech guy that one day works on a tech store and the other as to become a spy. With the help of a girl that he later falls in love and a guy and is always angry, he has to do two jobs at the same time while he doesn’t have any action for the second. It has humor and mystery and more importantly is entertaining.


A big family works through their problems while their mom tries to hold them together after the death of her husband (that had a lot of secrets and another family). Oh the family drama! The relationships! And the cast! all good reasons for not miss it!


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