The Staying Power of Avon Nail Polish

Hello beauties,

I love to try beauty products and while a few months ago I would be the first to say that gel nails are everything, now because of the pandemic, my situation changed. Well, I don’t put a foot on my beautician for almost four months and I had to remember how to paint nails with normal nail polish.

I bough some new nail polishes from the brand Avon so I could test how well a DIY manicure would hold up over a five-day period. I selected nail polishes from different ranges to see which one is the best.

This took some time, but I think I found the winner, what’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

ALL-IN-1 BB NAIL COLOR in Protecting Periwinkle


I love this color and the fact that this nail polish dries in minutes, which difficult a little when it comes to the application – the secret is to apply two light coats. It’s the second time that I use this nail polish and I always listen a lot of compliments. I’m also impressed with how well my mani held up over the last five days. I only had a problem in one finger and that was partly my fault because I scratch it.



It’s true that nail polish with crystals always held up over more time, it’s like cheating, but on this case, I think it’s safe to say that this is a winner when it comes to nail polishes with crystals. First, the result in day one is absolutely gorgeous and after five days of using alcohol, bleach and gloves on hands everyday, I think the result could be a lot worst. There are some failures but because of the color and texture, unless you make zoom, you still can rock it. After day 9/10, the same can’t be said, as soon I saw it lifting on the edges, I started to peel it off…

GEL SHINE in Everyday Pretty


It’s safe to say that this was a win! After five days, I’m really impressed with how well this nail polish held up (just a little scrapped on the edges but looks as good as the first day). Definitely going to use it more times and check it in other colors. I almost forgot to say that this nail polish costs less than 4€!

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